This DNA Project was established in December 2008.

Grau Participants wanted! Already tested with FTDNA, Ancestry, Relative Genetics, or another company? Contact us to join the project.

Currently, there are 4 GRAUs, 1 GRAW, and various other GRAUs with suffixes within FTDNA's system for a total of 14. Please consider joining the Grau DNA Project if you are already tested at FTDNA or any other DNA testing company.

A portion of the Grau DNA Project's focus will be connecting the many GRAU families that immigrated from Europe to the United States in the 1700 and 1800s.

Another focus area will be locating and finding, through Y-DNA analysis, related GRAU Families worldwide and establishing family groups of genetically related Grau participants. Doing so will help the participants determine their country of origin.

When you become a project participant, your DNA sample will help build a Genetic Census of the Grau Surname. In doing so, this will help GRAU participants determine their country of origin and whether they have a genetic match to another participant.

Thanks for your interest in the Grau DNA Project. Please do not hesitate to contact the administrator if you have any questions.