Family Stories

Here is a list of family stories submitted by our project members. If you have a story about your Grau family and wish to share it with everyone, please use the contact form to email the volunteer administrator of this project.

Herman C. Grace's - Grau Family Story

Seeking Frederick Grace by Herman C. Grace, Sr.

     Growing up Hispanic in Santa Fe with the surname Grace was often an impediment to asserting my identity. My father, Augustine “Tinnie” Grace (1904-1973), and I were very close companions, and when he took me hunting deer, elk, or turkey in Dalton Canyon, the Canjelon Mountains or the Pecos wilderness, he would sit by the campfire after dinner and down a few shots of Old Charter. He was not much of a drinker, but the stimulant encouraged him to loosen up and tell many stories about his father, Julian Grace (1858-1930) and his grandfather, Frederick Grace (1828-1898)......

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Tom Hutchison's - Grau Family Story

Rev. J. B. Graw, D.D.
Chaplain of the 10th Regiment of NJ (Olden’s Legion)
by Thomas Hutchison 

    In the early part of the Civil War, my 3rd Great Grandfather, Rev. Jacob B. Graw, answered the call to serve on the side of the Union Army. In September of 1861 he went to Beverly, NJ where he enlisted and became the Chaplain of the 10th NJ Regiment, “The Olden Legion.” This regiment was itself was unique in the fact that the recruitment was being done by the US War Department and against the wishes of the Governor Olden of NJ. The regiment left for Washington, D.C. on December 26 that same year under the command of Col. Wm. Bryan.

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